Thursday, July 03, 2014

What Lasts?

         Happy July 4th! I have many fond memories of celebrating the 4th of July as a little boy with my family on vacation in Upper Michigan. We would drive down to the beach in our station wagon with blankets and hot chocolate to watch the fireworks over Lake Michigan. When I got older, I remember staying at the cabin and launching our own fireworks display from fireworks bought legally in Wisconsin. I remember taking our kids to various parks to watch fireworks and then, as they grew, to watch them launch their own displays.
         Tomorrow night, our eldest son will be taking his daughter Elise to her first fireworks in San Diego. Another tradition will be passed along. And I hope to go with Martha to the wonderful 4th of July parade in Montecito. And I’ll wave a flag and enjoy the floats and kids on scooters, and maybe even see our own members marching, riding or driving. These are wonderful traditions that last.

         The text for this Sunday is about a faith that lasts. I John 2:15-29 contains old John’s reminder about what does not and what does last spiritually. As you prepare for worship, conduct your own personal spiritual inventory about what has worn out for you and what lasts. What practices or routines have worn out over the years and what have endured?


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