Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jesus' Imperative Verbs

I really don't like imperative verbs. I like subjunctive verbs, the what if, maybe, you might consider sort of verbs that give me wiggle room. I don't think it's my age or gender that does not like imperative verbs, it's my condition as a human. I like to control my life on my terms. That's one reason I could never play in a marching band or big team sport. I was (am) too independent.
So, in the text for this Sunday from Matthew 16:21-28, where Jesus tells Peter and the disciples that they mud deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him I buck! I don't do self-denial well. I'm much better at denying you at saying no to you and setting boundaries on you. I like being the one in charge, the one making choices, and being right. I like having the last word on a topic and letting my feelings and preferences be known.


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