Friday, September 26, 2014

Generation to Generation

         My dad taught me how to swim, ride a bike, shoot a gun, and drive a car. He took those roles seriously because they had about them a life and death component. Do any of these poorly, someone could get seriously hurt or die. He impressed upon me both the seriousness about water, bikes, guns and cars and the good time one could have in the water, riding, shooting at targets and taking long drives. In fact, up to his death, he kept giving me driving tips as I drove him to appointments or to see the sights. He was always a teacher, though I was not always a learner.
         Who taught you valuable life skills? Who was it you looked up to in order to learn how to operate equipment, cook a meal, raise a child, or write a research paper? There are those wonderful mentors in our lives we turned to, asked questions of, and watched closely, observing how they practiced their particular skill. And what is interesting is that these mentors were not always blood relatives.
         The text for Sunday (Psalm 78:4) contains a phrase that has grabbed my heart and will not let go: “we will tell the next generation.” Who is that next generation for you? Who has God laid on your heart to see step into faithful discipleship? Beyond your immediate family, who are those in the next generation who need to hear from you? God has given faith tools and skills to every believer not only to use now, but also to pass on to others. Where is that happening in your life?


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