Friday, September 12, 2014

How Many?

         It was during my first years in Santa Barbara that I heard this phrase: My bad! What was that? It did not make grammatical sense. My bad what? Bad is an adjective. But then it was explained to me that it was a short-form apology. Oops! My bad! was another way to say I’m sorry. We all have our unique phrases to admit mistakes, errors and ask for forgiveness: sorry, my fault, excuse me, I’m so sorry, etc.
         Then we hear the many ways people respond: that’s OK, no problem, it’s all good, don’t worry about it, we’re good, etc. We hear words that sound like admission of guilt and we hear words that sound like forgiveness, but are they?
         How easy or hard is it for you to admit mistake, error or sin? For some it comes easy, and maybe even too easily. While for others, it’s almost impossible to ever admit being in the wrong.
         How easy or hard is it for you to offer forgiveness. I’m guessing the same observation holds true as above. For some of us it is easy and reflexive, while for others of us, it just does not happen. We hold on to grudges and hurts for years and years. One person told me this week that his dad held grudges forever. Once a person got on his dad’s grudge list, they never got off.

         As you prepare for worship by reading Matthew 18:21-35, take a personal audit about how forgiveness works in your life.


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