Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christ The King

My first years in Santa Barbara were so funny! For months I would dress each morning in a nice shirt and tie and go to church. From church I would go out to visit people at their work locations or local restaurants and would be asked the same curious question when I showed up: “Where are you going so dressed up? Did someone die?” The normal dress code for pastors in Minneapolis when I left in 2005 was a tie during the week (without a coat during warm weather) and a suit and tie for informal churches on Sundays and robes and stoles for more formal churches.
         It took me a while, but I am now understanding and enjoying the dress protocol for Santa Barbara and MCC, though I must admit I miss wearing robes and stoles at times! So, while we might call Santa Barbara continuously casual, there are quiet protocols for dress and behavior. There is a “look” that is distinctive here. There is a wedding look and a funeral look. There is a Fiesta Days look and a Film Festival look. There is a Butterfly Beach look and a Lobero Theater look. A big question asked before an event is “How shall I dress? What should I wear that is proper?” We want neither to underdress or overdress. We want to be appropriate to our guests and the event we are attending.

         The text for Sunday lists the protocols for worship. It sets down the “dress code” for those who enter into God’s presence to worship. If you have time, you can read a group of Psalms called “kingly Psalms” (93-99) with our text (Psalm 100) being the last one. As you read these five brief verses over, what jumps out at you as the “dress code” or protocol for worship? What are you doing well and what needs to be done better?


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