Friday, January 02, 2015

Epiphany Season begins

         Epiphany is one of my favorite seasons in the church year. It is the period of time between January 6th and Ash Wednesday (February 18). I like it because its about the growth and spread of the Gospel from the arrival of the Wise Men to the maturation of Jesus and the calling of his disciples into ministry with him.
This Sunday we will begin a new series of sermons that will go through the season of Epiphany examining the book of Philippians along with the Gospel readings on the life of Jesus.
Why are we beginning this series? It seems like a natural outgrowth to our emphasis in 2014 on “Welcome one another just as Christ welcomed you to the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7) We have been sincerely working on being a church that intentionally practices welcome to the new and to the old, to the stranger and to the friend. The book of Philippians is a great picture of what we are welcoming each other into: the church. So each Sunday will be an exploration into what kind of life it is that we are called to live together.


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