Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lent #1: Wait, Welcome, Witness

         I need to learn to wait better. As I get older I realize that I’m a bit compulsive about time (ask the staff!). From where I sit typing this, I can see five clocks not counting my wristwatch hidden beneath my shirtsleeve. I like to arrive early for meetings and I regularly check my watch during events. And when someone schedules an appointment with me and is late, I get impatient.
         Waiting is hard because it means I’m not in control, I’m not in charge. And I like being in charge. It’s my personal myth that I’m in charge. But the spiritual reality that I’m more and more aware of and appreciative of is that God is really in charge and my job is to wait for God’s timing.
         That means more silence for me and less talking, arguing, cajoling or blaming. That means more prayer over relationships and situations over which I have little or no control.
         This is the situation for the early church in Acts when Jesus told the disciples just before his ascension to go back to Jerusalem and “wait for the gift my Father has promised.” (Acts 1:4).
         For the next seven weeks of Lent into Easter, we will be discovering how God used the early church to spread the good news of Jesus to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth. And it begins with waiting. As you prepare for worship on Sunday, reflect on what you are waiting for in your life.


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