Saturday, February 14, 2015


Transfiguration Sunday is a different kind of Sunday. It has about it the spectacular and almost mythic elements of appearances of men long since dead. There are flashes of light, overwhelming clouds, bodiless voices, and Jesus standing with his disciples facing the road to Jerusalem and the cross. What does this Sunday mean for us, form? I don't think it's about any sort of spectacle. It's about change. Is change really possible in me, in others, in the church?
The answer is YES. As I was writing this on a Saturday morning E (I'll keep his name anonymous) stopped by. I met E. about 6 years ago in jail, while he was serving some serious time for a serious crime. He had accepted Jesus behind bars and then I showed up to witness his slow and joyous transformation into a gentle man of God. Now he has been out 3 years and lives in a motor home. He has a job, goes to a local church, is involved in a men's ministry and bearing fruit. When I first met him outside the walls of the jail, he was in chronic and fragile need. God has built him up and grounded him in his Word. E. is a walking example of a transformed, transfigured life. What a gift to have the job I have!!


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