Saturday, March 28, 2015

Entrances are significant. How we enter a place, stage in life, position or a relationship is very telling. Brides spend a great deal of time and energy on how they enter their wedding space. Sports teams carefully orchestrate how they enter the playing field or arena. Celebrities choreograph how they enter a gala performance. Politicians work hard at entering campaign events to get the maximum positive exposure.
         Sometimes we enter places and situations reluctantly; like a doctor’s office or outpatient surgery. People enter jail, courtrooms and prisons with all sorts of shame and apprehension. Some of us pause before we enter a hospital room with a very sick family member or friend.
         Palm Sunday is all about entering: Jesus entering Jerusalem just before the last supper, crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus was very intentional about how he entered, where he entered, and with whom he entered. In fact, a case could be made that Jesus’ entire ministry is about targeted entrances to places, groups and individuals’ lives.
         Sunday’s text comes from Acts 10:1-48. It’s about another fascinating entrance.  A Roman Centurion named Cornelius invited Peter (a Jewish believer in Jesus) to enter his home. Peter is initially very reluctant, and then, through the story experienced a sequence of surprises. As you read this story before worship, reflect on the major “entrances” in your life. Reflect on how God has been involved in those “entrances.” Expect God to remain active in leading you to some new “entrances.”


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