Friday, March 06, 2015

Whom do you see?

          I like my routes. I have a particular way to drive to Trader Joe’s or Samarkand. When I ride with someone else, they sometimes take a different route! It might be more circuitous and sometimes it is more direct. But it’s not my route! And when I get back behind the wheel of my car, I drive my route my way.
         When I get to my destination (say Trader Joe’s) I carry a list and have my own way of walking into, through and out of the store. On those times I see people carrying clipboard to take signatures or surveys, I ignore them. They are disruptive to my route and my plan. I do not look them in the eyes and if they talk to me I often politely say “No thank you.”
         I choose whom I see and whom I don’t see. I look for those who are part of MCC and will often call out a “Hi” to you when I see you out and about. There are familiar vendors and service people I see, know and trust. I see and wave to the Cold Spring Firemen as they drive around in their big red truck and I’m driving my little red wagon. They see me too and wave. 
         The stages of evangelism we have explored so far in Acts are to be open personally to allow God’s Holy Spirit to transform us. Then last week we looked at the four pillars of a healthy discipleship community: devoting ourselves to the Apostle’s teaching (Word), fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. This Sunday (Acts 3:1-10) we will reflect on how God changes the way we see people. As you prepare for worship, reflect on whom you are seeing in new ways.


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