Saturday, May 02, 2015


         Both of our sons (and son-in-law) are literate in the world of computers. They are the people who can fix my computer when things get messed up. But I do not understand their language. For example, Isaac sent me this text last week comparing an iPhone with old computers:“the 5s clocks in around 50gflops depending on operation. The Intel Core 2DUO  E4400 at 2Ghz which came out in 2007”
         What does that mean? If you are inside the computer world, that is a meaningful sentence, but not to me. The terms and numbers do not connect to my normal operating vocabulary. The same thing could be said about any specialty world like that of chemistry, sports, medicine, or law.  Jon Lemmond recently told me how he asked 56 Club kids about church words that they heard that make no sense to them. One young boy asked about why we sing about “the lion and the lamb?” And I’m sure church space-names like narthex, chancel and font are pretty unique terms as well. The word that our text (John 15:1-9) uses this week is “abide.” In talking with some young people, they agreed that “abide” is a pretty churchy word. They do not use abide in their normal conversations. They have other words for this term that I’ll share about in the sermon.

         As you prepare for worship this Sunday, reflect on what abide means to you. How do you know you are abiding or not? In what things do you abide? What does abiding look like in your life?


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