Friday, May 15, 2015

Fan It

         Moving, transitions and graduations bring a whole set of challenges. Something is over. Something new is beginning. Change is in the works. Uncertainty is in the air. Accomplishments are celebrated. Tokens are conferred. Tributes are given. New challenges are now in front of us. For some that will be a new school, a new location, and a new set of friends to get to know. For others it means a bigger shift in responsibility: a career, a task, a boss and professional challenges.
         I recently talked with a friend who was promoted from a support position in an organization to becoming the head of that organization. In a quiet and unguarded moment he whispered to me: “It was a lot easier to be in the second chair than now!” When he was in a support role, he second-guessed the leader, thinking he could easily do a better job, until that day came and now the full weight of the organization was upon him.
         On Sunday we are going to recognizes transitions and promotions like never before. Heather Shennum, Pam Beebe, Jon Lemmond and Shawn O’Brien will be acknowledging school promotions in our church. But Sunday is also Confirmation Sunday, which is a promotion of sorts, but something else. Confirmation Sunday is the transition into spiritual adulthood. Four young people will be making personal confessions of adult commitment to follow Jesus Christ. They are moving from second chair into first. The text for these confirmands will be II Timothy 1:3-7 where Paul exhorts young pastor Timothy to step up and make the faith his own. The image Paul uses for Timothy is to call him to “fan into flame the gift of God.” As you prepare for worship on Sunday, reflect on how you keep the flame fanned in your life.


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