Friday, July 31, 2015

Rested Enough?

         A friend of mine just returned from a three-week trip in England, Germany, France and Italy. As he told me about his adventure, he said, “The French and Italian cultures do time differently than we do.” We talked for a while about the different ways different cultures practice time, from hyper punctuality to chronically late. Different cultures practice meal times differently, from long, slow meals, to hurriedly inhaled energy bars and power drinks.
         Different areas and cultures in the United States have different rhythms and time practices. Some of those practices are climate driven, by either extreme heat or cold. Other practices are light driven by long periods of daylight or darkness. Business cycles with crucial deadlines or production schedules determine where we spend our waking hours. And those who travel for work must budget airport lines and delays.
         The questions you can ponder in preparing for worship this Sunday are: How do you spend your time? What are your healthy rhythms and when do your rhythms and patterns get thrown out of sync? Who or what governs your time? How does God figure in to the way you spend your time?



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