Friday, September 18, 2015


All week I’ve been asking different people: How do you compete? The responses have been very interesting. Some told me that they are basically non-competitive; avoiding sports and win/lose games. But when I pushed them about how they measured success or expertise, I heard stories about degree achievement, software innovation, or scrabble scores. I compete in cold-weather stories and can hardly restrain myself from talking about snow and ice.
         I asked a woman how she sees women compete and the instant answer was the house. She prided herself on having a clean house. Some people compete with the latest technology or newest appliances. I think we all compete, have success measurements and desire to do well. In the text for Sunday, Mark 9:30-37, Jesus observed his disciples competing with each other, and instead of criticizing it, he redirects it.
         As you prepare for worship, take a look at your own areas of competition. If you’re open to it, send me an email about your unique competitive streak and I might share it (clearly without mentioning your name!). 



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